go2it short url

Welcome to Go2it Short URLs.

Short URLs are used when your internet address is to long to either remember or use in some social media sites that have limits on the amount of text charactors you are allowed to use for posts or messages.

The Go2it system gives you an easy to remember short url that you can post anywhere for people to click on which will bring them to your web address.

Go2it is part of The Independents Network and provide links for its radio stations and learning sites.

Starting in 2017 you will need to be a registered learner with The Independents Network to use the Go2it system.

You may create Short URLs for your learning site or for each of the individual pages of your site.
In your learners admin panel you will find all your Short URL statistics.

Stats are based on the unique and returning visits to your site and or pages as people click on your posted link(s).

Go2it is a free site and service ran by volunteers.

If you would like to register a Shourt URL or want to know more about Go2it.link please contact admin@newusb.co.uk

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