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Short URLs are basically shortened versions of web site addresses that can be used in social media sites where you are limited to the amount of charactors you can use in your post. A good example of this would be the follwoing... let's say you wanted to help The Artist Of The Day with a quick post in Twitter the site address would be http://www.newusb.co.uk/artists/profile/index.php?profile_id= ok post that in Twitter and you have very little left to put your message across, however use this Short URL version http://go2it.link/ and you have more charactors left for your actual message. Why not become part of the latest trends and ways to get yourselves out there. And don't forget Go2it will count every click of your Short URLs so can you see how well your posting doing.

Go2it and NewUSB Radio use Short URLs on every artists profile to be used by you, copy and paste the code and post it out on social media sites, use them in your emails or any form of printed adverting you use when promoting your sites, profiles, music, videos, gigs and events pages.

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