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Country:   Canada

Genre:  Rock

City/State:  Montreal, Quebec

Short URL:

Joined:  May 3rd 2015

Artist:  The Fuzzy Bees

One Fuzzy Day

The Fuzzy Bees are veteran Montreal musicians Mike Valiante, Robert Martins and Mario De Fazio. Along with ex-pat Torontonian Derek Grant Davidson they combine their songwriting talents to fuse The Fuzzy Bees. A collaborative project to write, record and perform their individual works under one banner. With an obvious gamut of influences in hand, their attempt to brew into a flavour they can call their own is in tow. The challenge was to take inspiration from the Beatles and throw in The Ramones, take The Eagles and blast it with Devo. How about Dylan and contort it with PJ Harvey. It’s not always coherent, on paper anyways but even though the edges get blurred and one colour blends with another, something new becomes something true!
With one EP, “Let it Bees”  released in May 2013, and one full length, “In Perfect Waves” released March 2015, there is still much more to be revealed from this solid rock alt country bluesy folk power pop goo!
The surface has only been exposed as a polite introduction and the pot has only begun to simmer. There is going to be an explosion of creation at a molecular level as the songs will get deeper, more focused. Comfort will set in and fervour will drive The Fuzzy Bees to new heights.

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